Pyments are made with grapes and honey.
Oregon White Pyment
This one is a blend of Riesling and Gewurtztraminer grapes with lavender, honey.  We received a gold medal for this one.
ABV 12.5%      
Oregon White Pyment wine label.

Update for 2016.  We will have two White Pyments available.

White Pyment #1 is our traditional made from Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, Red and White Concord and Honey.

White Pyment #2 is our new one for the year.  It is made with Chardonnay, Viognier, and Pinot Gris with honey.

Oregon Blush Pyment
A fun summertime blend of Golden Muscat from my friend Alison with honey and Marechal Foch with honey for a great blush.
ABV 12.5%       

Oregon Red Pyment
Made with Marechal Foch grapes and honey.  It is smooth and complex, with smokey hints of cherry, and tobacco. 
ABV 13.5% 

Oregon Red Pyment, with Marechal Foch grapes
 Goat Girl Red Blend
This one is a blend of the traditional reds cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec and franc, blended with our marechal foch.  It's a wonderful combination.  12.5% ABV              

Crossing the Columbia Pyment
Just so you know I tend to use the words "grapes with honey wines" and "pyments" interchangeably. 
We get the grapes from across the Columbia River in Washington state.  The family makes a day trip or two to harvest the fruit when it is ready.  The grapes I use include the big reds, a few others and I  sometimes play with the type of honey I use.  The comment I hear on a regular basis is, "I don't normally like ie Merlot or Cab, but I really like yours".  I think the honey takes the edginess off many of the heavy reds. 

There are some single varietals and some great blends.   For now they will all carry the "Crossing the Columbia" label.  We work with two kinds of honey, raspberry and wildflower.  They go with beef or pork, or as you choose anything else. 
We have a couple of Crossing the Columbia blends we'll be releasing for the 2016 market.
Malbec/Merlot Blend and a Merlot/Franc Blend.    
Crossing the Columbia wine label

Fruit and Honey Wines

Apple Cider Wine
When we bought the property we had 6 dessert apple trees.  Since then we've added 16 European cider apples (both English and French) and some crab apples trees, and several pear trees.  2014 was our first small crop of the European cider apples.  They add volumes to the cider wine.
ABV 12.5%   (Not available for 2016).

Oregon Hard Knocks ---Apple Honey Wine with Herb/s
This is an apple honey wine made with our very own blend of apples and the honey was delicately infused with lavender flowers, scented geranium and ginger.  This wine is pleasant with chicken and pork dishes.  I especially like it chilled or even on the rocks ice in the summertime.  Of recent I have found that it is a lot of fun in what I call wine cocktails (Hard Knocks, JD, lime, maybe some Raspberry Honey Wine, maybe some extra infusions and some simple sugar to taste, on the rocks.)
10.0% ABV          

Oregon Hard Knocks wine label

Oregon Pear Honey Wine
This a semi-sweet pear wine made with honey.  It is an earthy, buttery wine, with hints of citrus.  The pears are so Oregon.   It goes great with seafood and sandwiches and even with just cheese and crackers.  ( This is another white that is great in wine cocktails, my choice is a lemon verbena infusion.  I may have to add a page to the site for wine cocktail recipes.)
12.5% ABV     (Not available for 2016).  

Oregon Pear Honey Wine Label

Oregon Pommes 
This a wonderfully light and refreshing blend of apples and pears blended with our strawberry and our peach wines.  Nice chilled or at room temp.  12% ABV    

Update for 2016.  Our offering for 2016 is Oregon Pommes Strawberry/Peach.

Oregon Pommes and Berries
This is a nice combination of apples and pears, blackberries and strawberries.   11% ABV      

Oregon Raspberry Honey Wine
This is a delightful raspberry wine made with honey.  The raspberries are from here in Gresham.   This wine is not too sweet, but oh so fun, bursting with the intense raspberry taste of summer.  It is especially nice with many Mexican dishes and oh yes with chocolates.  Great as a blender in the wine cocktails.
375ml 12.5% ABV       
Oregon Raspberry Honey Wine Label