Pairing, Winemaker Notes, Library etc

Pairing notes are helpful, but never set in stone.  Have fun with your wine.

Winemaker Notes

Food                          Pairing Notes                  
Aperitifs                      HardKnx,   WhPyment, Wine Cocktails***

Cheeses                       Apple, Pear, PomBerry

Seafood                       Peach, Pear, WhPyment
Poultry                       Peach or Pear
Spicy Asian or Mex            Blush

Beef or Lamb                 Cab, MFoch, GGRedBlend
Sausages                      Pear, Cab

Sandw/Finger foods           Apple, Berry, Pom/Berry, Merlot
Smoked Salmon/StlHd         Cab, GGBlend

D.Choc Desserts               GGRedBlend or MFoch
Fruit Pastr or Desst.         Berry, Pom/Berry

Winemakers Notes

Basic info for Wine Cocktails***
In a shaker, fill w/ice.
2/3 fill with wine of choice.
Gently muddle in herbs, berries or bitters of choice 
Add a splash of whiskey, tonic or sparkling water (go easy, you can always add a little more)
Shake or stir
Serve w/ice in a rocks glass
Or w/o ice in a wine glass
Garnish with a twist of lemon or lime.
(The fruit, honey and occasional herbs in our wines go nicely in wine cocktails, but my faves for cocktails are HardKnx or GGRedBlend)

(The cocktails are something fun we experimented with at the end of this summer.  And have found using an infusion of mulling spices is also nice for the colder months.)

We have been asked to share some of our favorite books.  Howard said he found these most beneficial for a good basic bee understanding, and honey bee care, understanding the life cycle and description of pests.

Howard's favorite books on beekeeping

Howard's Top Favorite Books on Beekeeping:

Honey Bee Hobbyist --- The Care and Keeping of Bees
By Norman Gary, PhD

Better Bee Keeping --- The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Stronger Colonies and Healthier, More Productive Bees
By Kim Flottum

The Beekeeper's Bible --- Bees, Honey, Recipes & Other Home Uses
By Stewart Tabori & Chang

Honey Bee Disease & Pests --- 2nd Edition Revised
By Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists

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