Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Food Pairing and Winemaker Notes

Lobster, garlic and mushrooms
Food and wine can be mysterious or just fun.  Sure certain foods and wines are going to pair better together than others.  But it really is a journey.  You taste, make mental note and are always seeking food/wine nirvana.  If given a choice, I don't care what food you have going on Howard is going to opt for a red to go with it.  Though I mostly like whites, sometimes I will choose a red or reddish.  As in this case I think it was the way the berries in the Pommes and Berries played off the cantelope.  Although given my druthers, I'd make mental note and probably opt for my traditional Pear with the seafood next time.  Be sure to check out our expanded Library page, that now includes Food Pairing and Winemakers Notes.

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  1. Food Pairing and Winemaker Notes, the way you have decorated this table is very amazing, Also share some ideas for decoration too, Thank you!