Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Evening Wine Play with My Honey


I love this guy!

Wine with Burgers

It's been a while since I've blogged about anything or been about town with my wines. We've been busy helping family move and with graduation for our sweet daughter. 

Our evenings always start about 5 o'clock when Howard gets home and as always he's hungry.  Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day in mid June.  The garden's in full bloom with just about anything you can imagine.  Full of scent, it gets my creative juices flowing.  I'm quirky, been told by a friend that I'm either a mad woman or genius.  Ha, ha we may never know.

Last night we had some burgers with seasoned feta and the works, sweet onion, tomatoes and some fresh lettuce from the garden.

The wine meant playtime.  Started with this years Hard Knocks made with apples, honey and plenty of fragrant herbs to begin with.  Then from the garden I found a few more, some red and white petals from the rugosa roses and some chamomile.  I love the fact that Howard likes what I do and is most always game for fun.  He liked the one with the rose petals, but liked the one with chamomile even better.  I preferred the rose petals, but I love roses.

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