Friday, May 29, 2015

WCGCC Loving Life

Food and fun together.

Brenda's Pig Stories
The kids thought they might be able to fill up the goats.

 The West Columbia Gorge (Troutdale) Chamber is a smaller chamber.  I know, I know the chambers always want to increase their numbers.  Personally I hope they stay a little on the small side.  That makes for the charm of the group.  There is more of an appreciation of life, for sharing interests and making lifelong connections.  These are the folks you will find at the local winery, the local art shows and galleries, or the local garden tours appreciating life and promoting the local small business people who too appreciate life.

We sit just on the border between Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, so the road names change back and forth and always seem to confuse even the best of the GPS systems.  But the West Columbia Gorge Chamber is awesome.  They persevered, they found us, and we all spent a fun evening together.  There was about 20 of us, we ate, drank and had a good time.
Thank you all for giving me the pleasure of sharing my white wines and winery, my fragrance garden and smelly animals, and even my secret shop where so much of the craziness begins.  It was nice to make connections with Brenda and to hear about her pig stories and Karen knowing that she is one of the queens of the garden in East County and so many others.

In the busy-ness of the evening, I’m glad we had a minute to begin talk of our next summer evening shindig --- at Catherine’s.  We’re thrilled that the West Columbia Gorge Chamber is open to new ideas.  Good times!!!

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