Friday, May 8, 2015

Scored Big at OTB Auctions in Gresham

Limogee, ooooh

We used to have an egg platter like this when I was growing up
We had a great time last night at the OTB Auction in Gresham.  Yes, I can get caught up in the excitement of a sale.  These are my favorite kind of venues for my wines.  Whether it be an auction or an art class, the interactions are great fun.  Especially when I'm not just pouring wine, but getting to be a part of the action. 

"Junking" is just fun.  My siblings and I will reflect on growing up back in the 60's and 70's just getting by.  My mom was a proud lady and times were tough, we did fine though.  We didn't much go to thrift stores back then.  It might acknowledge just how poor we were. 

Growing up without a whole lot helps you to learn to distinguish between what's important in life and what is just "stuff".  I know last night was just "stuff", but it was pretty fun too.  As an adult I have a great time at thrift stores and my mom and I'd share stories of our great thrifty finds.  It's just a different time. 

Last night I got some dishes, a space heater, a cute little shelf and a box of ephemera (including some maps, postcards and green stamps (remember those?)).  At the end of the night, the auction people asked me "did you do ok tonight".  My response "I scored...", then realizing what they were asking, "oh and the wines sold great too".  (We shared our White Pyment, Boysenberry and Cabernet Sauv.)

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