Sunday, May 10, 2015

Friends, the Crazier the Better!

Tim, 50-you where it well.
Yesterday, Saturday was a crazy fun day.

We started with the Gresham Farmers Market in downtown Gresham.  It was a beautiful day.  Sun was shining and everyone was in a great mood.  We were steady busy all day, thank you all who came out to the market.  We're looking forward to an awesome season.

After the market we went out to celebrate with our buddies Dave and Tim.  Tim's 50, Mr. Babyface.  We love you guys.  Happy birthday Tim!

And a day for birthdays, we headed to a friend of Howard's from work, his 60th.  Met and enjoyed time with Pat's really sweet family.  Happy Birthday Pat!

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  1. it is nice to hear that it was a good day with the family. the picture says it all, about how amazing it must have been. stay the same because you are amazing and dont stop posting