Monday, May 4, 2015

Facebook Class and Best Kept Secret

I'm not a teenager, I struggle like crazy with social media.  But I'll admit, I've been known to get annoyed when my local "business friends" don't "like" and "share" me after I've "liked" and "shared" them like crazy.  I really do seek to promote the local businesses and I'm always hoping they're doing the same.  Then I realize, although there is sooo much I don't understand about social media, there are others who are right there with me struggling, some more than others.  So let's all catch up together.

This past Friday I took a fantastic class, (with local business friends Catherine Dishion (Spaces by Design) and Barbara Dilley (Buddha Kat Winery)) a class offered through MHCC Small Business Center.  It was a class all about how to use fb for business.  Wow, the instructor, Guy Edwards is awesome!  He went back over the basics which although I've taken a few social media classes previously and had my business fb for probably almost a year now, I know there are so many things I need to hear and practice several times over before I really get it.  And yes I'm still working on it.  Guy also taught many of the little nuances and particulars about FB. 

Here's just one example:  If you want to promote a business, be sure to "like" their business page, not just the business post for the day.  That means go up to the search bar, type in the business name, find it, and on their page "like" it.  Share this one little tip with your friends, believe or not, many many people don't understand that.

Another tip, always have a photo in your posts.  I know I didn't take any pix during the class so I used another photo.

As for the secret, if you don't know it, Guy is a really busy guy and for good reason.  Find out more about him by taking a class through MHCC small biz center.  And at that, enough said, I want to be able to get in myself.

When you check out the MHCC Small Business Center, don't be afraid to ask, I'm sure they would schedule up another business facebook class right away if they knew of the interest.  And I know there should be lots of interest out there.

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