Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wine Art Classes in Estacada - Collage with Nina Bradford

"Sun Stars" with Nina Bradford

Here's another creation from Vine Art in Estacada.  This one was a collage class with Nina Bradford.

We started by choosing a color for our canvas, blue or black;  then cutting up colored papers.  We all had the flowers and the sun, but everyone worked things on their own.  Gluing and designing, then embellishing.

I have to admit I struggled with this one.  Most people were very free with their designs.  I kept feeling like I had to find some kind of order in placing my little pieces of paper.  Being that I was pouring the wines, I was not drinking the wine.  I think there really is something about the wine, it helps with relaxing and getting the creative juices flowing.  Everyone around me made some incredible works of art.

As always our assortment of our wines were well received.

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