Thursday, April 30, 2015

Scent in the Garden - Iris, Black Currant, Hyssop


Black Currant

The garden can be so full of wonderful scents.  I crazy love scent in the garden.  Here are just a few. 

The beautiful Iris I got from my mom who loved iris.  She grew them, she painted them on paper and on cabinets.  So cool.  For me this is hard to smell, I have to put my nose right down into the flower.  but it is such a faint clean pleasant smell, maybe reminiscent of "White Linen" perfume???

The Black Currant.  I love the smell of the leaves, and the taste of the berries.  This is so the descriptor when I tasted my Cabernet Franc last year.  It's very special in my blend I recently bottled.

Lastly the Hyssop.  I planted this one from seed a few years ago and it is finally really getting established.  I think this is a cool smell even if it does remind me of skunk.  I come across this taste sometimes in wine, in coffee and sometimes in beer. 

I remember going out wine tasting one time and tasting it in the wine, I don't remember where, maybe Hood River somewhere.  But I just said I tasted skunk, yes but in a good way.  The lady got upset at me and told me to go look at the chart and find another descriptor.   Now that wasn't rude or anything was it.

I'm sorry, like I said, I liked the taste.  I think that is where the whole wine snobbery thing comes in.  People should just be able to taste and enjoy wine and express their experience as they experience it.

These are just a few of the scents in the garden.

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