Friday, April 3, 2015

Perry, Cider, Wine - The New Shop Talk

Pears in Bloom with Sunset in Gresham, OR

I've been struggling after dropping my cell phone and having to get a new one.  Putting phone numbers back in and trying to figure it out again.  Then there's this whole thing with getting pictures from phone to blog, or yes dinosaur, but from camera to blog.  I guess now days it's whatever you can get to work for you.  I'll plug along with social media just to keep my name out there, but Really?  Is my winery that big that I need people beating down more door, or do I really want them to?  No, I enjoy my private life, letting people in only when I feel like it.  But yes I do enjoy people and socializing, I'm just wondering about the whole socializing with the world thing. 

I really enjoy getting together with groups of friends, no not the online social media kind, but the real flesh and blood kind of people.  The kind you can hang out with and visit.  Really I'm trying to sell a little wine, clear house for the year, so I have room for the new stuff in the fall.  You can't really taste wine over the internet anyway.

I do enjoy visiting with the local tea and garden club ladies during the day.  We sit and chat a little about art, writing, our "businesses" or  creating things in general.  Always have different subjects to discuss and are there for each other in our ups and downs. 

In the evening or weekends there is more of the male sort around.  They're a lot of fun too, just another dynamic.  My hubby Howard, old friends from in the days when I was in the electronics biz,  and more friends of met in the last 5 or 10 years in the brew biz.  We BBQ and potluck this time of year a lot.  Once it dries out a little some volleyball or badminton is great.  Again hang out, but wine and cider is the new "shop talk" , considering and comparing the attributes and lingering tastes on the palate.  What's new is brewing...

So whether it's gardens and teas with the ladies during the day or hanging with the guys and ladies in the evening... Now that's my kind of "socializing". 
Yes, I'll continue to do my "media" thing, but I'm  just saying.

Leaning Star Winery offers small batches of handcrafted wines.  Our winery is located on the outskirts of Gresham, Oregon, a short jaunt to the freeways in all directions. Learn more about Leaning Star Winery or send us an email and contact us.

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