Monday, April 27, 2015

High school Again? Nerds and the Soc's!

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The weather warms up around here and it's time to get out and hang out.

Saturday night, hung out with what I would call the "Popular Girls". 

Like I ever did that in high school, NOT. 

Thank you Catherine Dishion (Interior designer) and Heather Garrett (Nerium rep) for inviting me.  The ladies get together every other month or so at someone house and just have a ladies night.  I think that incredibly energetic realtor Michelle Smith started the get togethers.   I brought some of my new wines to share, it was fun.  It was at Sharon Hockings (Interior Designer) house.  Beautiful place.  Sharon came out to my shop one day and in a couple of hours was able to help me get things organized and with a little design flair to it.

I'm planning to have a pm BBQ potluck (yes, that's my idea of socializing) with locals from the Chamber in Troutdale (yes there is a really long name for the chamber, that I can't remember it right now).  And I'm thinking if anyone is even going to walk through my "eclectic garage sale/thrift store finds" home, I better have a designer (I'm thinking Catherine Dishion) come over for a bit and help me organize my space a little bit ahead of time.

Sunday afternoon, hung out with, Nerd Girl Melissa Wright and her husband and other locals in the Corbett community.  Some of them are running for school council and what not in Corbett.  We've been out of that school district for going on 6 years now, so it was all good.  No pressure in anyway.  Really nice visit and good time.  Oh and again I brought my wines, just trying to get them out there.  These guys were great, the wines were very well received.

Oh and Nerd Girl showed me her soon to be shop.  She has all her "science" stuff categorized.  I love it!  She's such a freak, she great.  Lots of energy and I always have to "DeBrief" (I think that's what I would call it) to process the energy after being around Nerd Girl.  She's fun though, we're going to rewire some lamps/lights and go check out antique/thrift stores this week.  I'm thinking "Chase Me Again" and "Camas Antiques", probably my two favorites.

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