Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Fun and My New Nerdy Friend


We had a wonderful weekend.  Yesterday morning the family busied ourselves working together to make foods for the day, a black bean soup with broccoli and turkey (I forgot to add the rice I meant to), potato salad, deviled eggs (with pepperoncinis) and lemon meringue pie (made an extra because this always goes fast).  My son and his fiancée came with more devilled eggs and some awesome homemade candies (peanut butter in chocolate, and a mint in chocolate) both to die for, and some artichoke jalepeno crab dip (made with salmon instead of crab).  Yum!!!

Some new friends from out Corbett way showed up, they visited with the Wendi and company for a bit.  We did some wine tasting, some Hard Knocks, some Blush and some Foch.  (Melissa and Steve thank you for the gift of cheese and crackers, we definitely should have had those with the wine.  We'll have to get together again soon and have those.)  I met Melissa at the Troutdale (I mean West Columbia Gorge) Chamber, she came out for a visit last week.  It's funny when you meet some one you just "gets" you.  I told her I was a NERD for wine and so many other things.  When she stepped into my "Women's Cave" and saw my flowers and herbs hanging to dry, or my quirky paintings, perfumes and etc... she instantly knew exactly what I was talking about and understood and we fun we were like minds.  We ran around the neighborhood and I introduced her to more of the her "quirky" people out our way.

Barry and Helen Bushue with their flowers baskets that will be for Taste of Local again this spring.
Lou with her Country Shoppe at Devine Gardens.
And Bill Dodds from the Grange on Bluff Road.  (Melissa is ready to jump out of "retirement" and right back into her slime making business.)   So cool.

We hung out, visited and waited for Barbara and family to show up with the Ham.  After an hour or so I began to worry and called a couple of times.  I called her cell phone, forgetting that out Sandy way, they don't get very good reception, but left messages.  Ended up finding a message on my cell phone at about 9:00 last night, the whole family had gotten sicker than dogs.   We missed you guys.

Even without the ham, we had way too much food to eat.

My younger son and family showed up around 7 or so and we hung out and visited for a couple more hours.  The boys hunted and rehunted Easter Eggs.  If you're anything like my family, you know what that means.  The kids enjoy the hunt.  Let them find them and rehide them.  Just fun. 

As always when I'm just having a good time with friends and family, I forget to take pictures.  Oh well, the memories are there.

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  1. I love this! Thanks so much for having us!
    -Melissa and Stephen

    1. Melissa, we had great fun with you too. Howard got a kick out of our stories, he recommends standup comedy, we could tag team, ha.