Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bottling Hard Knocks for Market

Oregon Hard Knocks

Bottling on the small scale

I worked on some bottling yesterday.  It was the Oregon Hard Knocks, Apples, Honey and Herbs.  The Oregon Hard Knocks has a naturally slight haze to it.  I've chose to leave it, just as many of the
English cideries do.  Many of my other wines are much clearer.  For now I choose to do no fining or filtering, the wine is in its natural state. 

I have shared small bottling with friends earlier this year and the biggest response has been to the Nose, the honey and the wonderful fragrance of the herbs.  I have mentioned to a few the combination of herbs I used, but I'm now realizing I should probably keep this proprietary.  Oh well, live and learn.

Yes I know small scale,  5 cases took me about 2 hours to prep and bottle.  One of the number one questions people always ask is if I want to expand.  For now I say No, this is my life and the way I like it.

Leaning Star Winery offers small batches of handcrafted wines.  Our winery is located on the outskirts of Gresham, Oregon, a short jaunt to the freeways in all directions. Learn more about Leaning Star Winery or send us an email and contact us.

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