Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What's Your Favorite Wine Movie?

French Kiss (1995) Poster
French Kiss

Do you have a favorite wine movie?  Old or new.  Do they have any new ones out?

French Kiss, with Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan is kind of an oldie but is so sweet.  She's an uptight Canadian/American who follows her ex fiancé to France to try to win him back.  She meets up with Kevin Kline (an icky grungy Frenchie guy) on the plane as she flies there and somehow continues to run into him.  He is focused on his little vine he's trying to smuggle in so he can redeem himself with a new vineyard, seeing that he lost his inheritance in a bet.  He has that love of the vine in his heart, the smell, the taste, the romance.   

This one is my favorite, good luck finding it.  Lucky me, I requested it a couple of years ago for Christmas and my son who can find anything, got it for me.

So what's your favorite?

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