Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wine Pairing - Seafood Marinara and Foch

That's me trying to get a white to go with dinner.

Howard called it right with the Foch.
Today was a beautiful day of February sunshine here in Gresham, Oregon.  I ran around with my friend Jeanie, checking out antique stores in Oregon City.  This sweet little crocheted table cloth was one of my finds today.  It was just too nice a day to spend inside.  And if I stayed home, I figured I'd end up racking wines again.  I did that yesterday and wasn't about to do it again, not two beautiful days in a row.  I could have spent it in the garden, nope, maybe tomorrow.

Tonight we were having a dinner of marinara with clams and oysters with rice and tapenade.  I figured I'd work on my wine pairing.  I tend to prefer whites and Howard prefers red.  Even with the red tomato dish I was determined to get a white to work with it, thinking the seafood might help.  The Pear Honey Wine normally goes great with the seafood, but that's normally a white sauce not red.  I've been doing Weight Watchers and figured I'd work with red sauce rather than white cheesy.  And I did brown rice rather than pasta, trying so hard to find ways to "be good".  I added veggies to the dish, spinach, corn and mushrooms.  And the artichoke tapenade only had 15 calories for a tablespoon and it added incredible flavor to the meal. 

Like I said I tried the Pear and then the Peach.  Both great wines, of the two maybe the Pear, I don't think the Peach goes with it though, surprise surprise.  I finally decided Howard was right, the Foch won out.  Marechal Foch with its rich smoky taste, with subtle notes of cherry.  Marechal Foch is a red wine grape that grows great in our area.  We got our grapes for this vintage down south of Salem, the grape grower was nice enough to give us cuttings so we've started our own.  The Marechal Foch grape just loves to grow in our area.  I thinking I may get by with out spraying, Yay!!!

On a side note, I think this Weight Watchers thing just may work for me.  Yes you can have wine on this plan, just count your points.  4 points for a glass of wine.  It'll work.  It's pretty tough to be able to make and sell wine, if you can't drink it.

If you live in the area or are planning a vacation this summer  or sooner, come see us.  We'd love to have your input on food pairing.  Just fill out our Contact Form and I will get right back to you.

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