Friday, February 6, 2015

Local of Art and Wine.

Chris's Lighted Tin art

Another Lighted Tin
So tonight will be hanging out at the Grand opening of the new Troutdale Art Center.  It's going down by the Sandy River on the Old Scenic Columbia River Highway.  You can't miss it, it will be packed.  Will have some Cabernet Sauvignon with Honey and some of this years Oregon Hard Knocks (Apple with Honey and Herb).  The herb is a little of the ever so edible and quaffable Rose Geranium and some Ginger.  They go beautifully together.  The art pictured here is some Chris Tymoshuk's lighted tins.  Creativity runs through her veins in everything she does.  Thank goodness she finds time to continue painting. (Remember that Sun label she did for me.)  She has an awesome mermaid she's working on.  Come down tonight and maybe you can catch her in action.  There will be several other artists as well.

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