Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Description of wines from the W. Colum. Gorge Area

Pouring these tonight at the West Columbia Gorge Chamber Christmas party. Hoping to share the importance of the beauty of standing out in our very own time and place. I think these three represent our area sooo nicely. Our White Pyment, our Hard Knocks (apple etc), and Boysenberry. The gorge is such a beautifully unique place to live. 

Both whites are from this summer/fall, our long dry summer in 2014 is definitely something we will all remember. 

The Hard Knocks a blend of our apples, the "rough and tumble" summer wild flower honey, our floral herbs (you'll have to talk to me directly to find out our special blend on this one).  At 12.7% ABV it came out a little higher than what I was expecting.  I'm a light weight, so I'm sure I'll have it on ice.  That's just me though.
(On a side note, we had 1300+ pounds of apples this year, we have quite a variety of cider wines we'll have available.)

The Oregon White Pyment is a blend of some our whites, our lavender, honey.  As I've said before a pyment is a wine made from grapes and honey.  We used our Riesling, gewurtztraminer (sp?) and white concord, with lavender, and a lighter honey.  The acidity of the white grapes we're growing here give the wine such a very special bright taste.  The faint lavender and honey marry up nicely with the grapes.

For the Boysenberry Wine I got the berries from a local grower, of course out here on the eastside.  Boysenberries make an incredible crisp, that unique berry taste with the brown sugar and oatmeal crumbly stuff on top, and vanilla ice cream; I've taken that to potlucks and everyone goes googoo gaga over it.  I made the wine to capture the memory of the .  The wine is nicely balanced between  berry tart and sweetness.

The chamber Christmas party is down on the Old Historic Hwy at the Troutdale House.  They sure put on nice events.  It's just beautiful there.

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