Monday, June 9, 2014

Flowers for Potpourri

Drying Flowers, mostly roses

Also some sage, I think it is white sage.

Elevated to allow good air flow.
I worked with the wines most of the day.  Blending, blending, blending.  Will have a new version of the Raspberry and Blackberry available soon.  The original was sweet.  As we move out of the spring season, the new version will be dry with both toasted and untoasted oak. 

Will also have a Blush Pyment (remember the pyment is a wine with grapes and honey) available, with a blend of some of our whites (Riesling, Gevertztraminer) and with what I'm thinking is a red and white concord.  This is what gives it its slight blush tint.

This afternoon with the sun shining brightly I decided to head into the garden.  So much is in bloom.  Pulled many, many flowers and herbs;  roses, chamomile, mint and sage to name a few.  Put them on screens and turned on the fan to help them dry faster.  After dried I like to put them into jars and put in a little benzoine to deepen and preserve the fragrance. 

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