Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Honeybees and Dandelions are out in Full Force

Bees and Dandelions

Honeybees and the Hive


The bees are out in full force.  The sun's shining so nice.  There's so much in bloom for the bees to take in.  The Asian pears are in bloom and the bees have lots of dandelions to feed on.  The dandelions are such a cheery beautiful yellow and they support our bees.  I really don't mind them in the grass, they just bug me when they try to take over my flower beds.  Pull, pull, pull, I refuse to put chemicals out to kill them.  A plus my oldest grandson said grandma I want chores, and was excited when I mentioned weeding.  That may not last long.  I better jump on the opportunity while I have it.

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