Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MHCC's Wine of the World-Southern Hemisphere

MHCC Wines of the World-Southern Hemisphere

Court and Gordon
Last night's wine tasting continued with an around the world theme, focusing on the Southern hemisphere, where the growing season is opposite from us.  As we're going into spring, they're going into fall.  Interestingly enough, the major grape production areas are between 30 to 50 degrees latitude in both hemispheres. 

The tasting and discussion was lead my Court's friend Gordon.  We started in South America tasting wines from Argentina and Chile.  Argentina is known for its Malbec grape production.  We tried a 2010 Reserve from Don Miguel Gascon.  Howard's tasting notes, as he compared it to the Trivento Red Blend Amado sur 2010 from Mendoza, was that he liked it better; "more grapey scent, medium tannins, tart but not sour, and nice finish".  He was better at putting some words to his liking of the Malbec.  I liked it also, but was intrigued by the Trivento, noting it was jammy, with soft tannins, tobacco, clay and fruity.  Hmmm, maybe this class is helping us to "use our words".

We also tasted several whites, Sauvignon Blancs from Chile and New Zealand.  And some wines from South Africa, There was from Mulderbosch a Chenin Blanc with notes of spicey, lemon, slightly sweet, bitter aftertaste, light bodied (interesting, this reminded me a little of when I've tasted sour beer, yum);  and a red blend "Faithful Hound" Howard notes "black pepper scent, short finish, medium body, well balanced".  I'll have to finish writing about these tonight, as I'm thinking I need input from my tasting cohort who has to take off for a doctor's appointment.

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