Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Mudding of Grange 71

Yesterday afternoon, I helped Bill Dodds work on mudding and taping the walls at Local Grange 71, on Bluff Road.  He and Dave had most of the lower portion done from this weekend.  The scaffolding is there  to do the upper portion.  I worked on taping and mudding the lower corners.  The work on the grange has given me a chance to learn some skills (nailing and mudding drywall) that I've never done before.  Bill has a great can do attitude, and is willing to learn and teach everybody along the way.  Local Grange 71 is definitely coming back to life.  I understand there are so many granges coming back to life in Oregon.  This is great.  The grange is a great place for family and community.

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