Monday, February 24, 2014

My Little Cider Press

I love this little press.  It works just right for me.  It's motorized, but small, small but handy.  I bought it from an older gentleman, I wish I could remember where he was from.  It was in the thrifty ads in the Oregonian.  I came across it on a weekend and wanted to be sure to get it.  I wanted to go to church first thing Sunday, but didn't want to miss out on the little press.  I called the guy and told him I'd meet him after church.  It was nice, he respected this and held it for me.  I got there and it was in pristine condition.  I use it for crushing and pressing apples and pears before they're combined with honey and started up fermenting.  It's nice that I can also use the basket area (not thru the crusher) to press out all my wines when they are ready to be separated from the fruit and put into carboys.  It can easily be taken apart and cleaned.  It's my little work horse.

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