Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Howard and I Hung Out in Town, Troutdale

Opted for Pompello's in Troutdale tonight.  I had their seafood ricotto, I always love that.  And Howard had their Lamb.  Tasted his and it too was incredible.  Howard had ordered the house Cabernet Sauvignon and I the house Petit Syrah.  We ended up swapping each other wines and were both quite happy.  We love this guy, Saul, he's always so friendly and so Local!!!  He's been encouraging me to update my wine labels to be more "Italian style".  He says, "You must have your family picture on the back label, and talk about yourself, not the wine, people want to know you more than they do your wine."  I have talked to Matt Leamy about that and we're putting something together.

Followed up with a visit with Glen and Sally at  J Gelati's for dessert.  Their frozen custard is awesome.  I can't decide which I like better the Vanilla or the Chocolate.  They're in by Cherry Park Safeway, check them out.

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