Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hiking in the Area, Bear Tracks and Old Bottles

It is so beautiful in the area, hiking is great.  I guess even this time of year can be real nice.  I met up with my son and his family this morning and hiked around the Dodge Park area.  The river was nice and full, rapids were pretty wicked looking.  Aaron found a "cache" thing.  I wasn't familiar with what it was, but he signed and dated it, added to it, and put it back in the log jam where he found it (reminded me of the old time capsules, but is sounds like it is tracked somehow).  We found a deer trail and followed it for a ways.  We found what looked like a possible bear print, took a few pix and scooted in another direction.  Also found several cool old bottles, might use them for some kind of crafts this summer.  Just need to get them cleaned up. 

Ian and me

Bear Track on the right, dog on the left

Wild River, Sandy or Bullrun

old bottles
                                                  mama and daddy with Ian

that "cache" thing

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