Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anise Hyssop at the Winery

While visiting the winery, be sure to visit the herb garden and find out more about all the wonderful herbs.  Anise Hyssop is one of my favorites.

The Anise Hyssop are in the foreground, Red, Magenta, and Lavender Flowers
Anise Hyssop, fragrance candle and herbal syrup for congestion.
Anise Hyssop is more than a pretty face.  Yes, anise hyssop is beautiful in the summer.  It has a nice form, pretty leaves and tall dainty flowers.  The fragrance is incredible.  The flowers dry nicely, smell good (like anise) and are useful.  They can be used to add fragrance to potpourris, or to scent a candle.  I have also used them with honey to make an herbal syrup that helps with congestion. 

Leaning Star Winery offers small batches of handcrafted wines.  Our winery is located on the outskirts of Gresham, Oregon, a short jaunt to the freeways in all directions. Learn more about Leaning Star Winery or send us an email and contact us.

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