Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Winter Pix on the Sandy River 2014

Winter on the River, Jan. 2014

Little Stream flowing into the Sandy, Jan. 2014

Broken Tree, Ferns and Water still shedding off the hillside.
I'm still amazed at how beautiful it was yesterday.  It was a strange day driving in and out of pockets of thick fog to clear skies, back into even denser fog and again into clear skies.  That was all within a few miles, pretty much changing from block to block.  Was that way in the evening too.   I think it depended on the influence of the gorge winds.  We went into Corbett last night and did some dancing with the locals.  The wind was howling, but the skies were clear and the stars were out.  Coming home, we live just across the Sandy River, we ran into the pockets of fog, arriving home the stars were gone and fog was thick, but the winds were very still.

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