Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Goat Milk / Recipes Anyone???

Wendi and her single buckling.

Aponee and her buckling.

Aponee and her doeling.

So we have lots of milk now.  Wendi only had a single baby although I was just sure she was going to have triplets, as big as she was.  So about 4 days after kidding I started milking her out, so she wouldn't get engorged.  Aponee just puts out a lot of milk.  I haven't started putting the babies away at night, but between the two does, we still get a least a half gallon of milk a day.  Ariel, being a first kidder, her kids are plenty able to keep up with her production.  I've already froze a probably 5

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gallons, a friend mentioned paneer and ricotta.  Does anyone have any good, simple, quick recipes you'd recommend?

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