Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Late spring assessings

Checked out Kerrie's art at New Season's, found it in the café area.  I love the "Bee Happy" picture.
I've been working outside the past few days.  The grapes are in bloom.  We now have pinot noir, viognier, marechal foch, gervertraminer, Riesling, golden Muscat, and St. Croix.  Still taking our time figuring what we may still with, maybe all of them.  So far the gevertraminer and Riesling and the marachel foch are doing great. with the pinot, viognier and st. Croix not far behind.  As for the chardonnay and the tempranillo, we bought them grown, dug them up and planted them, they're doing ok I think I only lost one of the tempranillo.  I think I didn't put enough water on it. There are lots of herbs in bloom, lavender, thyme and sage, chamomile, calendula, helichrysum, and the roses.  Ariel had her babies (Philip and Aurora) a couple of weeks ago and they're getting big.  The other two girls, Wendi and Aponee are still waiting.  The dozen chicks we got this spring are all nice sized now, they were buff orpington, Americauna, salmon flavorell, and welsummer.  The European cider apple trees I put in this spring are also doing great.  I put more compose on them yesterday.  The varieties are Kingston black, yarlington mill, brown snout, mettais, dabinette, muscadet de Dieppe, reine de pomme, and domaines du calvados.  Some of these may produce a little this year.  It'd be nice to have a little bittersweet to add to the cider to give it more structure.

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